March Healthy Lifestyles Challenge Winners

healthy lifestyles april 002.jpg

Art City Elementary School gives students Healthy Lifestyle challenges throughout the year.  In March the students were challenged to not drink sugared drinks for five days a week (20 days total) there were many students who took the challenge and turned in their hours.  After the totals are added up each grade puts names into a hat for a drawing to win sports equipment.  Our March winners (awarded in April after the challenge is complete) are as follows:  Front Row:  Strider Leatham 1st grade, Sophie Belnap 1st grade, Jacob Sanders 2nd grade, and Sarah Sokolowski 3rd grade. Second Row:  Nathan Langton 3rd grade, Kamree Corry 2nd grade, Daniel Lopez 4th grade and Ella Park 4th grade. Third Row:  Camille Ostler 6th grade, Christian Bowman 6th grade, Nathan Martin 5th grade and Rachel Hatch 5th grade.  (Not pictured) Kindergarten:   Riley Weaver and Lily Payne. Your challenge for April is to eat breakfast every day; it gives you a great start for the day.  Keep up the good work students stay active and keep eating the right foods and drinking the right beverages.