6th-Grade Hershey Track Meet

6th-grade HT Winners 2012 (7).JPG
6th-grade HT Winners 2012 (1) 800 Meter.JPG
6th-grade HT Winners 2012 (2) 1600 Meter.JPG
6th-grade HT Winners 2012 (3) Soft Ball Throw.JPG
6th-grade HT Winners 2012 (4) Long Jump.JPG
6th-grade HT Winners 2012 (5) 100 Meter.JPG

Thursday April 19th at the Springville High School, elementary schools gathered for the Hershey Track meet and wether rain or shine the Hershey Track Meet goes on, the day started a little sunny, but then the clouds moved in and all but the final 100 meter dash had to be finished, and the good sports they were the Sixth-grade students finished in the pouring rain.  Everyone had their lunches under trees and bleachers, as soon as they were done the sun came out and ended up being a gorgeous day.  This group of Sixth-grade, when they were in Third-grade had hail and as Sixth-graders finished with rain.  Way to go Sixth-grade, we can't wait to see what happens through your next six years. The results of the Hershey Track Meet for Art City Elementary are as follows:  Boys 1600 meter:  Chris Ohman First-place with 6:35:72.  Boys 800 Meter:  Nicholas Crookston First-place with 2:52:43; Ben Schreiner Third-place with 2:55:30;and Parker Swift Fourth-place with 3:03:38.  Girls 100 Meter McKenna Anderson Third-place with 15:70.  Girls Long Jump:  Madelyn Droubay First-place with 78 inches; Tristan McAfee Second-place with 75 inches.  Girls Softball Throw:  Jenna Sokolowski with 110 feet and 2 inches.  Boys Softball Throw:  Tanner Huber with 165 feet.